Day with Antigone

On the 12th of June we had visitors from Thessaloniki. The Antigone organisation came to visit us, and the city of Serres. They came not only to visit, and meet us, but to see the organisation Praxis Greece work with the radio-reporters, the refugees from the camp in Serres.
Our organisation (Praxis Greece) introduced them how the radio Rodon 95 fm works in daily life, and what are we doing exactly here.
Giorgos Tsitiridis from the Antigone organisation who is the communication officer came to Serres with their photography group, and their main tasks was to take great pictures of our common day in Serres. Nektarios Mpasdekis is the photography teacher for the group and he helped every of us how to handle the cameras.
At first we introduced each other, personally and talk about our organisations, then we had a city tour around Serres, we showed the Info Center of Praxis Greece. We explained our activities with the refugees for Antiogne.
All after we visited the beautiful Agios Ioannis of Serres to spend more time together, take more pictures and in the end we had delicious traditional greek lunch in one of the tavernas.
We had a broadcast at Rodon 95 fm in the afternoon with the radio-reporters, Antigone organisation, Praxis Greece, and the EVS volunteers
To close the day we went up to Akropolis of Serres, to see the amazing view from there and have a nice cold coffee in the hot weather that we had on that day, and enjoy our last hour together.
I feel it was a really touchy and useful day for every of us. Again we could learn a lot of things from each other, and sare our time, and experiences. It is always so nice to meet people and specially to feel and see how open they are, and how easily can we get along even if we are from different countries, and we do not speak each others mothertongue and we can only use english.
I am looking forward to our next week together with the Antigone organisation!

No language barriers, and so close feelings!

You can find our afternoon radio broadcast of the day here:

Dóra Major