Radio broadcast about music

Last Thursday (8th of June) we had a pleasure to host a radio broadcast about music. And also our friend from Radio Reporters project joined us in the studio.
Music is surrounding us evey day in one way or another and I would say most of us enjoy listening or playing music in their life. But also, music can have bigger influence than just offer us some entertainment. Have you heared something about the project called "Playing for Change" or benefit event "One love Manchester" or mass demonstrations that happened in Estonia between years 1987-1991 now known as "Singing Revolution"? Those are just few examples we talked about in the broadcast.
Also our friend Daher from Iraq joined us in the studio to introduce us some of his favourite songs from his country. It was something very new and interesting for us.
This is what music is all about. Sharing our passion and interest with other people. It can bring people together no matter who you are or what you do. And if we use the power of music, we can change the world we live in for better. 

Listen to the broadcast here: