PRAXIS Greece - youth organisation

PRAXIS Greece is a youth organisation from Serres (Central Macedonia). Our volunteers as "Radio Reportes" will cover local events using tape recorder and making reportage for the radio broadcast and for their project's blog.
The radio RODON FM that PRAXIS works with, has a youth radio zone for our volunteers personal broadcasts and reports from city's different events. We believe that sharing knowledge and experiences, the acquisition of new skills via non-formal and informal learning, interesting and enjoyable leisure-time activities, gives useful information to the local youth.

We are using media as a new channel of communication and mutual understanding.
The Radio Reporters are youngsters from different backgrounds and they have different life experiences. Also we have young people - boys and girls, men and women - from the refugee camp of Serres are participating and sharing their point of view of everyday life in Serres community. With the help from PRAXIS volunteers they are making their own reports from different events and later presenting it on the radio and in other PRAXIS social media channels. The participants will be guided to extend the potentials of non-formal education methods, while having mentorship, guidelines and instructions by professional journalists.

Our non-formal education program aims to develop locals, refugees, European youth. Our different events and projects will bring together active youth in the community of Serres. All activities take place in PRAXIS office and Rodon FM radio station. PRAXIS provides opportunities to all young people without discrimination, prejudice or exclusion. We believe that media has a lot of power in nowadays society, because it influences people and their opinions. That is the reason why sharing our stories and life from different point of view is crucial.

Everybody who is actively involved in this project has a chance to have unique lesson, that is useful for his/her life in the future. Young refugees will get opportunity to try out different activities, get useful knowledge and experiences with a chance for better life. Our goal is to promote peaceful coexistence and integration to the local community. Improve the social and cultural living conditions of the youth of the local refugee's camp and maximize their impact in our local community. 

Follow us on our social media channels for further information and videos/pictures from events.
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Also check out our previous videos of the projects from last year (2016):

Planned activities:
Continue our projects that we have already started few weeks ago with the youth from the refugee's camp, using new technologies i.e computers, internet, multimedia, radio programs. There are popular tools commonly used by the young people around the world. Special focus will be given to the radio programs enhancement of communication skills.

Keep an eye on our social media channels and listen to Rodon FM to hear what we are up to!