Broadcast after the European Youth Week

European Youth Week is over and to have a refelection what were we doing meanwhile, we had a broadcast at Rodon 95 fm.
It was a really nice to see how can people work together and feel more european!
In our broadcast we had many interviews. 
We introduced the new  possibility of European Solidarity Corps.
At first we asked our little radio-reporters from Iraq who participated in the Meet and Greet event and they were playing with us in  the football match.
In the second part we read the answers of our interview questions from our new friends from Greece.
In the end we had one volunteer of Unesco who were talking about her experience via Erasmus+ Mobility program, and about the European Youth Week.
The main point for our broadcast was to say goodbye our good friend Ahmed, who got the possibility with his family to go to Athens, and soon go to Germany to reunion their family again.
It was a really emotional broadcast, we were so happy, and sad in the same time, because we don't know if we we can see him again in the future, but in other hand we are so happy for him and his family.

We wish you all the best Ahmed!

Listen it from here: