You already know Praxis? Let me introduce you Antigoni…


When you are a volunteer, you have to be flexible to the request and the needs from the others. For example, today I was totally focus about improving my YouTube video and arrange my fly back to France but in the morning Dora came and told me “You remember about the other volunteers and refugees from Thessaloniki? Well they arrived today so if you want, join us at the radio“.

You see Nothing plan, just improvise but we Make a round around the city and had a good time in the street. As a “photography team of Antigoni organization”, they had a lot of camera and lend some with our refugees. We became in one team together with “Radio Reporters of PRAXIS team”. Then we take a van and go to a beautiful hidden places to take pics and share an excellent dinner. The occasion to better know each over around a meal. Most of them who are coming from Thessaloniki was Muslim from Pakistan, Syria and Palestine. Ours, are friends from the refugee’s camp of Serres are Jezindi from North Irak. Today everybody get fun together.

After this, we wanna to involve them our daily in the radio and lead them into our praxis, the live broadcast on air of RODON FM 95, then they did the same with us about their passion to the photography. We’ve gone to the Acropolis to get the best point of view on Serres and discuss about this at Citizen. Nectarios, their photography’s teacher explain me a lot about photography and I hope have retained at least the half he tell me.

After a little Farewell, let’s go back to the programs … oh no the day is already over, so goodbye and see you later.